How you can use our store

HackStore is the best place for finding a great applications!

It is often the case that your creativity and sense of bringing something unique to the world of information technology is not given the place that it deserves. We have an objective to equip you with that freedom of creativity. Now there are no stumbling blocks between your creativity and its successful exhibition. HackStore provides a platform where you can exhibit your exceptionality and novelty with all the freedom in the world. HackStore is an alternative AppStore that act as a third party and it hosts wonderful applications that cannot make their way to the Apple AppStore. These apps for Mac OS can be uploaded on HackStore so that they are available to the millions of users around the world. 

HackStore is simply the best market of apps which knows exactly what you need. You just wish of an app and you can have your wish fulfilled by finding that app on HackStore. There are tons of valuable and beneficial app available to our users that cannot be found on Apple AppStore. Above all our service is completely free. You do not have to pay even a penny to take advantage of our service. Both, free and paid apps are available on HackStore. Using HackStore can take your experience of using apps to new unseen heights. HackStore is nothing but a synonym of freedom, happiness and satisfaction for its users!