Updated: May 03, 2012
Developer: StingRay
License: Copyright © 2012 __StingRay__. All rights reserved.
System requirements: Mac OS X 4
CPU: 64-bit
SR Tools

What is it? Well thats easy, it's a kernel extensions (kext) installer and manager with the ability to undo/rollback from the gui or using single user mode boot and running a single dynamic script! What does it do? Well for those of us that play, install, change and optimize lots, I wanted the ability to simply undo and still undo in the event of a non-boot problem. So basically it should save people from messing around for hours and re-installing. What is history/action? Well, everytime you install a kext, disable and existing one, enable one or simply remove one or many from S/L/E this is classed as an action. This tool will log and save those actions for easy rollback/undo if you happen to make mistakes (like me)! How many actions will it save? Well that number is unlimited, but there are ways to optimize the actions/history list so that your not looking at all the actions you EVER did!

New in version RC01

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