License: ©2005-2012 Dominic Yu, Gold Mountain Software.
System requirements: Mac OS X 3
CPU: 32-bitor64-bit 32-bit
Phoenix Slides

Phoenix Slides is a fast full-screen slideshow program/image browser, for flipping through folders or disks full of images. Phoenix Slides also does lossless JPEG transformations and can display EXIF data. Features: Fast (pre-cached) full-screen slideshows Rotate/zoom in slideshow Fast JPEG thumbnails (uses Epeg) Lossless JPEG rotation View EXIF data, JPEG comments Search subfolders (recursively) for images Move files to trash, set image as desktop Supports drag and drop, Finder aliases Localizations: Chinese (Traditional), German

New in version 1.2.8

info bar during slideshow is now hidden by default; showing/hiding of the info bar is now retained when quitting universal binary again! the last version inadvertently dropped support for powerpc machines. (although, this will probably be the last version to support anything before 10.6)

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