Developer: Bjorn Winckler
License: GPL
System requirements: Mac OS X 4
CPU: 32-bitor64-bit 32-bit

MacVim is a port of the text editor Vim to Mac OS X that is meant to look better and integrate more seamlessly with the Mac than the older Carbon port of Vim. MacVim supports multiple windows with tabbed editing and a host of other features such as: • bindings to standard OS X keyboard shortcuts (⌘-Z, ⌘-V, ⌘-A, ⌘-G, etc.), • transparent backgrounds, • full-screen mode, • multibyte editing with OS X input methods and automatic font substitution, • ODB editor support, • and more... Most importantly, MacVim brings you the full power of Vim 7.2 to Mac OS X.

New in version 7.3

• Core Text renderer is used by default (change to Cocoa renderer in advanced preferences panel) • Toolbar is hidden by default (enable by adding the line set go+=T to ~/.gvimrc) • Build as 64 bit binary again (previous Python issue that forced the switch to 32 bit is no longer reproducible, so hopefully it has either gone away with OS X 10.8 or due to some update to core Vim) • Fix bug where cursor would spill into neighboring cells on Retina displays • Add 2x images for tab bar (Nico Weber) • Fix bug where memory usage would build up while MacVim was in the background (patch by Jonathan del Strother) • Fix spurious inertial trackpad scrolling issues • Flush more aggressively whilst searching in included files (fixes an issue where the completion menu would take a long time to appear) • Add way to stop macvim color scheme from loading (add let macvim_skip_colorscheme=1 to `~/.vimrc) • Update to Vim 7.3.646

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