Updated: October 04, 2013
Developer: AnchorFree
License: Copyright © AnchorFree Inc and GMBH, 2013. All Right Reserved.
System requirements: Mac OS X 4
CPU: 32-bitor64-bit 32-bit
Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your device and AnchorFree servers. This impenetrable tunnel prevents snoopers and hackers from viewing your email, instant messages, credit card information or anything else you send over the internet. Which means you remain anonymous and protect your privacy. Hotspot Shield security software is free to download, employs the latest VPN technology, and is easy to install and use. So go ahead - Get behind the Shield - try Hotspot Shield today! Hotspot Shield Elite provides ad-free VPN proxy service for up to 5 Macs, PCs, iOS and devices for one year. Bypass Location-based Restrictions for travelers abroad. If you are traveling abroad, you may find that the local government blocks access to certain websites or services by setting up location-based restrictions. These restrictions prevent you from accessing blacklisted websites in the respective country you are in. Hotspot Shield stands for freedom of information. Our VPN software offers you access to any blocked website in the country you are staying at or living in. As a Hotspot Shield user, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions set by the government to gain access to any censored website you want. Location-based filters identify your location using the IP address assigned by your ISP and block you from accessing particular websites. Hotspot Shield assigns you a new IP address belonging to one of our servers in the U.S. This gives you free access to HULU, Netflix, Youtube or any content you want. Surf the Web anonymously, privately and securely - Although using a proxy service can enable you to unblock many websites, a proxy service doesn’t provide as much security and protection as a VPN. Hotspot Shield encrypts your data and shields your IP address from snoopers, enabling you to surf the web anonymously with an IP address belonging to a Hotspot Shield server in the U.S. As a common practice, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) log your Web activities, including browsing patterns, the websites you often visit, your download history, etc. Hotspot Shield replaces the IP address given to you by your ISP and enables you to browse the Web anonymously using a new U.S. IP address. We respect your need for free, secure and private access to any information you want. We will not log your web activity.

New in version 3.1.5

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