Updated: August 04, 2013
Developer: FrostWire Team
License: Copyright © 2005-2013
System requirements: Mac OS X 4
CPU: 64-bit

FrostWire performs a smart search upon the most relevant torrent search results that come from BitTorrent search engines, meaning it remembers every file contained by every torrent it scans, increasing greatly the odds of finding what you are looking for, super-fast. As FrostWire fetches search results from the search engines, it uses these results to crawl the Azureus DHT to learn about the contents indexed by these torrents. FrostWire will not use the bandwidth of the search engines in this process; it will only use the torrent info hash to perform DHT queries, meaning .torrent files are fetched only from the DHT, not from the search engines' Web servers. Its search power will not depend upon a central entity.

New in version 5.6.3

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