Developer: Heiko Wichmann
License: ©2005-2012 (Heiko Wichmann)
System requirements: Mac OS X 4
CPU: 64-bit
Cover Version

Cover Version is an iTunes visualizer plug-in that displays the album cover artwork of the currently playing audio track with different effects: as flapping flag, rotating cuboid, kaleidoscope, with Vertigo effect, or as a sliding pane. Lyrics of the track are displayed on top of the album cover artwork. Artist name and track title are displayed bottom-aligned. With the options window some settings can be customized. Cover: The cover art work can be animated as a flapping flag, as a rotating cuboid, as a kaleidoscope, with Vertigo effect, or as a sliding pane. Track: The font that displays track artist and title can be changed. Lyrics: The text of the lyrics can be displayed centered or left-aligned. Update: With "Check For Update On Start" activated, the visualizer checks whether there is an update available online when it starts to display in iTunes.

New in version 2.1

Introducing auto-scrolling lyrics.

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