Updated: January 10, 2013
Developer: Moritz Wette
License: FPL
System requirements: Mac OS X 4
CPU: 32-bitor64-bit 32-bit
Anti Flashback Trojan

Anti Flashback Trojan is a free application that checks for the Flashback Trojan. Flashback is a variant of the Tsunami Trojan for Mac OS X, and has so far infected over 600, 000 of them. Now you can check whether your Mac is infected with the Flashback-Trojan without resorting to manual removal in Terminal. For more information what Flashback does, including manual removal instructions, see the F-Secure website. Incidentally, all my apps are free, so any donation would be very much appreciated

New in version 1.1.2

Adds a google chrome scan (improved virus search) Adds a download link to the apple flashback remove tool Some minor changes

If you have installed HackStore