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What should I do if HackStore not opening?

If your Mac os showing this screen to you when you trying to launch HackStore,

You need to do couple of simple steps to fix that

1) Open your System Preferences

2) After that choose Security & Privacy

3) In this section go to the general tab, press to the small lock and authorize

4) Choose Allow Apps from anywhere option and confirm it

You are all set! Enjoy your HackStore now!


Where downloaded apps located? Cant find them!

When you downloading something, HackStore auto installs it to your applications folder or your Launchpad. So all apps can be founded here:

Or here:

Thats it! Enjoy your HackStore!


How can I upload an app to the HackStore?

Uploading apps to HackStore is really simple. You just need to do 4 steps.

1) Open

2) Fill your login credentials

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3) Now in your user panel choose Upload App/Update link

4) Fill simple form and send your app to us!

And thats it! Enjoy your HackStore now!


My Mac not supported! Which type of Mac do you support?

If you receive notification that HackStore can’t opened on your Mac because it is too old,

You need to check out version of OS X. The oldest version of OS X what we support is Snow Leopard. If your Mac running on Leopard or previous systems, we will never support them. To receive all benefits of using HackStore, we suggest you to update your system to the latest one, or finally buy a newest Mac!

That’s it, enjoy your HackStore!


What the main purpose of HackStore?

We created HackStore at April 2012 and main purpose of HackStore is to be alternative home for developers and their apps, provide a best service app platform for our users, even better than AppStore.

In HackStore you can find thousands of unique apps and most of them are completely free.

Furthermore we are against piracy. We are not related to piracy apps from Mac AppStore or any kind of “hacks” in the bad meaning of this word. As you may know, truth definition of world “hack” is “modification” so it is describing us perfectly! We believe that we can make this world better by creating useful app for smart developers and users.


Information about payments

HackStore - is an amazing third party store for Mac OS filled with great applications and possibilities for users and developers. You will not find any piracy or illegal software here. We are offering a great software from all over the world!

Olympiiskiy ave, Home 16, Building 2, Moscow, Russia
[email protected]

You could buy and join to HackStore advertising program. We have several types of advertisement for your applications in our store and you can simply pay for them in our developer center with any debit or credit card or even PayPal! After 2 days your banner gonna appear in our store.

We are offering subscription plans for our advertisement program. If you decide to take off your banner you could cancel your subscription at the end of the month. We are not giving any refund for our advertising program.

If you are not satisfied about our service, you could contact us at [email protected] and we will try to figure out your problem. Note: We are not offering any kind of refund if you are not satisfied with our advertisement program.

Public offer


Public Offer

The present Public Offer (hereinafter referred to as “Offer”) determines the order of interaction between D-Box LLC (PSRN - 1087746231253, TIN - 7702665633, location - Olympiiskiy ave, Home 16, Building 2, Moscow, Russia) and any interested party that expressed the intention to accept the terms of the present Offer by software (hereinafter – “SW”) acquisition or SW provision.

The present Offer is considered concluded from the date of unconditional acceptance of the following terms. Relations of the Parties under the present Offer are governed by the Russian Federation laws, namely Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and other laws and regulations.  


“Software” or “SW” represents specialized programs, games and applications that provide data processing or transfer.
“User” is a person that acquires SW for future use.
“Developer” is a person that provides SW suitable for its acquisition by Users for a fee and free of charge.
“HackStore” is a SW online store for Mac owned by D-Box LLC.


The subject of the present Offer for Users is the possibility to acquire in HackStore rights to use SW for a fee or free of charge. SW rights are acquired by installing it on a User’s device, in case if SW is free. If SW is for a fee, the rights are acquired after the payment receipt to D-Box account. The cost of a paid SW is determined in HackStore and is brought to the Users’ notice prior to acquisition.

The subject of the present Offer for Developers is D-Box provision of non-exclusive rights to use SW (non-exclusive license) for a fee or free of charge. Terms of SW use (License Agreements) are concluded directly between the User and the Developer, when installing a SW on the User’s device. The Developer transfers to D-Box LLC the non-exclusive license for the duration of its exclusive rights to the appropriate SW. SW is transferred to D-Box LLC by uploading it to the server located at:

The Developer guarantees that:
- He is the SW legal copyright holder;
- At the time of the present Offer’s entry into force the Developer knows nothing about the third parties rights that may be violated by providing non-exclusive license for SW;
- At the time of the present Offer’s conclusion the exclusive rights to SW are not alienated and are free of any pledge;
- At the time of the present Offer’s conclusion the Developer’s rights are not challenged in court, or other legal ways.

Relations between the Users and D-Box LLC are not subject to operation of the Law “Concerning the Protection of Consumer Rights” dated February 7, 1992 No. 2300-1, due to the fact that the User acquires the rights to use SW, not the carrier that contains SW. The User is notified that the acquired SW is not subject to exchange and/or return.


HackStore has the right to change the terms of the present Offer by publishing a new version of the Offer on its website, without securing approval of the Users and the Developers. The changed terms are applied to the relations of the Parties established from the date of publication of the Offer’s new version.

The Parties shall comply with the terms of the present Offer, and in case of violation penalties, provided by the present Offer and current legislation of the Russian Federation, shall be applied.

If the need arises, D-Box LLC can temporarily suspend the online store work for technical activities without securing approval of the Users and the Developers. The Parties are not entitled to claim any compensation upon the occurrence of the said circumstances.

The User agrees to use the acquired SW wholly for private purposes and not to distribute it to the third parties for a fee.

The User can study the characteristics of the acquired SW prior to its acquisition by reading the information on SW’s characteristics in HackStore. If the User has acquired/downloaded SW without studying its characteristics, he is not entitled to place any demand on SW characteristics and demand a refund, in case of paid SW acquisition. The Developer can at his discretion determine the SW on which he will be assigned the non-exclusive usage rights. Exclusion of free SW from HackStore is made by sending a request via e-mail: [email protected]. In this case, the request shall be justified and previously agreed with D-Box LLC.

The User and the Developer are notified that D-Box LLC has the right to remove a SW and/or block the account of any User and/or Developer at any time and without disclosing the reason.


If the acquired SW is for a fee, the User lists the payments for SW using payment systems and Payment for acquisition of the right to use SW is carried out at the time of its acquisition by introducing the necessary data and confirming the payment system via website. The payment system is entitled to charge the fee when making payments.

The Developer has the right to acquire from D-Box LLC subscriptions for provision of advertising services and promotions. Subscriptions can be acquired for 1 calendar month, or for other period at the Developer’s choice. Subscription acquisition shall be carried out by selecting the desired package of services and its payment. If SW provided by the Developer is for a fee, D-Box LLC receives 20% of the SW cost paid by the User. Funds for SW are kept by D-Box LLC of the SW payment received on D-Box LLC account. Funds for paid SW are transferred by D-Box LLC to the Developer at the end of each calendar month in which the SW acquisition was carried out.


The Parties of the present Offer undertake not to transfer the organizational-and-technological and commercial information, which is secret to any of the Parties (hereinafter referred to as “Confidential Information”), to the third parties without mutual consent provided that:
- Such information has actual or potential commercial value by virtue of its non-public nature;
- Such information has no legal free access;
- The owner of such information shall take appropriate measures to ensure its confidentiality.

Confidential information shall be protected during the whole period of the Offer, and until the expiry of five (5) years from the date of its termination.

In accordance with Art. 6 of the Federal Law “Concerning Personal Data” during the period from the present Offer conclusion date and until termination of the Parties obligations under it, the Parties express their consent to D-Box LLC processing of the following personal data: full name, passport data, place of registration, date of birth, mailing address, phone/fax number, e-mail address. D-Box LLC has the right to make processing of the specified personal data for the purposes of the present Offer execution and compliance. Processing of personal data refers to personal data processing operations, including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, change), use, distribution (including transfer to the third parties), depersonalization, blocking and destruction of personal data.  


When violating the terms of the present Offer, the Parties shall be liable under the existing laws of the Russian Federation and depending on the nature of violation.

The Parties are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information transferred to HackStore. When using inaccurate information received from the User, D-Box LLC is not responsible for adverse effects caused by the User’s actions based on the provided inaccurate and/or incomplete information.

The Parties undertake to solve controversial issues by means of negotiations, and if the Parties cannot come to agreement, the dispute shall be transferred to the court at the plaintiff’s location.


The relations of the Parties, within the present Offer terms performance, are subject to the existing laws of the Russian Federation.

Any notices/documents, within the present Offer performance, sent via e-mail, fax are legally binding on the Parties and shall be applied. They can also serve as evidence upon incurrence of a dispute.