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Hackstore developer program

Is the best place for your payed or free apps.

Now coming on to the developers of Mac OS apps. If you have developed something extraordinary and looking for a place to exhibit your brainchild, HackStore is definitely the only best alternative to Apple AppStore where you app can be showcased to millions of audience out there. Every Mac developer is welcomed by HackStore and any kind of app can make its way into our app store. Our developer centre enables you to track the sales and statistics of your app. And finally uploading your app at HackStore does not make you pay anything at all as this service is entirely free. You just simply have to get an account and upload your app so that nothing bars your talent and novel ideas to come into spotlight.
HackStore is not only a place where all kinds of apps can be found, rather it’s a place that let creativity breed and breathe. HackStore is absolutely against piracy and only acts as an alternative place where apps can be found, shared and marketed across the world. We assure you that there are no hidden charges and it’s fully free.
The advantages that HackStore offers are immense to developers as well as users. Once your app is on HackStore, worldwide marketing and advertisement is ensured. Updating mechanism of apps is nothing less than professional standards. There are no hidden charges at all as our slogan says it loud and clear ‘HackStore – free for everyone, everywhere. Last but not the least, social media connectivity is also available on HackStore.
We know that you want to go high up so we have prepared the greatest of launching pads. Be seen, be benefited.



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