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HackStore updated to 1.3! Let’s be multilingual!

Posted by tt22

HackStore 1.3 is here!


We worked hard to make our app better for you, and today we are glad to announce the next huge update of HackStore!

New in this update:

  • 6 Full localizations French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, German (More is coming)
  • New Updates system now with caching
  • Major speed improvements
  • Several Bug’s fixed
  • Auto detection of system language
  • Added capability platform for new localizations

We will keep working on next updates and to provide the best user experience for our customers. Every day we are adding new apps and we are also working on new features. I want to say a big Thank You for this awesome work to our editors: @kddcl and @apelsinko, to our developers: @ilya2606 and @Eduard_Shalumov, to our amazing designer @GrawlCore and finally to our Translators who worked hard to translate our store into the new languages! Furthermore, we want to say Thank you to our users, Thanks for using HackStore and making our services better days after days!

If you have some questions or you want to help us, feel free to contact us! You can take a look on our contacts on the about page

Have a nice update! 🙂

Best Regards HackStore Development Team.

P.S. you can download the latest updates from the HackStore updater in the HackStore app



or manually from our main page